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In United eGroup we work with a highly qualified logistics team, with the confidence of the best companies and with an efficient distribution network, ensuring above all the best quality in our work.

In addition we have the capacity to reach an extensive market, including not only Spain but also Portugal or the north of Africa.

In United eGroup we only work with the best transport companies and we have our own fleet of vehicles covering the land, maritime and air transport. We also have a freight warehouse located in the Port of Barcelona, which allows us to handle large volumes globally.

Additionally we have new and modern premises of over 3000 m2, divided into two showrooms, two main warehouses and a technified picking store, with a high storage capacity that allows us to manage more than 20.000 references in the most effective way, making further distribution through the best sales channels easier.
In United eGroup we work with an extensive sales network, covering the main retail channels. We have our own sales team and an external, consisting of dedicated professionals with a high knowledge of the market and their goods, both essential to guarantee the success. We actually have open lines with the main sales channels, shopping centers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, etc.
The marketing team of United eGroup works for the distributed brands to provide the added value of the market and the national media, managing together or exclusively with the brands, actions, promotions, segmentation, etc.

As a result we can provide the brands the needed services, with a great knowledge of the market which enables us to identify the best sales channels and ensure an optimal distribution of the products.
In our premises, our Costumer Service Team manages the offered services, as the products warranty, the technical specifications, etc. and gives the costumers the needed information, ensuring the satisfaction of the costumer and the good name of the brand.
Distributed Brands
  • NAKS Electronics
  • BEPER PAE electrodomesticos
  • Beper Home
  • Distribucion Divoom
  • Mac Audio
  • Aiwa
  • Elecom
  • Easypix
  • Iris Ohyama
  • I-O Data
  • GigaCrysta
  • Idance
  • Blaupunkt
  • Trax

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